Core Technology

Core Technology

Core Technology One-Undercutting Technology for Super Large Section Underground Engineering

The excavated section of Chongqing Min’an Avenue Station is 693.5㎡ which is the world’s largest.

Core Technology Two-Construction Technology for Urban Small Clear Distance Tunnel

The underground excavation of Jinan Shunhe Overpass Yuhan Road Tunnel is 2335m long, 3-10m deep, the maximum excavation is 21m wide and the distance between the tunnel side lines is 2.3m, which is the world’s longest super-closely-spaced tunnel.

Core Technology Three-Construction Technology for Building Bridge and Tunnel Simultaneously

Taiyuan Subway Xijianhe Station, Section and Jiancaoping Bridge are built at the same time, and it is one of the most complex projects in China.

Core Technology Four-Construction Technology for Gas Tunnel

Zipingpu Tunnel, one of the most famous gas tunnels in China, is built by Ranken.

Core Technology Five-Shallow Excavation Technology in the Complex Boundary Conditions

The minimum spacing between Beijing Rail Transit Line No.14 Anlelin Station-Puhuangyu Station Section and existing Line No.5 is 0.348m, and safe passage was realized with zero settlement.

Core Technology Six-TBM Technology in the Complex Geological Conditions

Ranken owns 12 TBM machines currently working in Chengdu, Taiyuan, Urumqi, Ningbo, Dalian etc., and has systematically mastered a set of shield excavation technology in all kinds of geological conditions.

Core Technology Seven-Green Construction Technology

Ranken produced complete equipment and system for green construction which covered the whole construction period such as excavation, mucking and moving, primary support, etc. and achieved energy saving, emission reduction, safety and efficient.

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