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Ranken Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd. founded in Chengdu in 1998 with a registered capital of 600 million Yuan is a comprehensive EPC enterprise delivering professional services of engineering design, construction, supervision, procurement, construction management ,R&D manufacturing for subway, railway, road, civil and municipal works, industrial and civil buildings, underground pipe gallery and water project in 21 China's cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Urumqi and some cities in Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka which are all members of “The Belt and Road” Initiative. Ranken is among the first generation obtained 3A qualification and licenses in urban rail transit design, construction and supervision. It’s certified as high-tech enterprise in China. With urban rail transit engineering as the core business, Ranken has wide practical experience in urban rail transit engineering.

With 46 qualifications, Ranken is qualified in construction, design consultancy, supervision and labor services, mainly include Class A for General Contracting for Construction of Municipal Public Engineering, Municipal Industry (Rail Transport Engineering), Municipal Public Works Supervision, Equipment Supervision of Automation, System of Circuit Equipment, Communication and Signal Systems. Ranken possesses Herrenknecht earth pressure balance shield tunneling machine, large crane, loader, excavator, bridge erector, concrete mixing plant, measurement and monitoring, design exploration, center lab, and other large equipments.

Ranken has received several honors, including "Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Prize", gold award of “Tianfu Cup Prize”, 3A "A unit with advanced quality and security in Sichuan", etc.. Ranken holds a number of authorized invention and utility model patents, and also gets several provincial scientific research projects.

With 1135 employees, Ranken has a panel of experts. There are workers with national science and technology progress awards and special allowances from State of Council, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award. Among those workers, there are 37 senior engineers, 307 professional engineers with national registration qualifications in buildings, structures, electrical, public equipment, drainage, chemical, municipal, building, railway, smelting, supervision, security, 203 engineers, economists and accountants, 170 assistant engineers, economists, accountants, and more than 170 foremen and skilled workers with more than 10 years’ working experience.

Ranken built a R&D system based on projects. The technical work and technological innovation of Ranken is coordinated by relevant center of the Group Company, which consisted by BIM lab, green construction lab, digital construction platform, underground extra-large cavern construction lab, ERP management system, automatic monitoring of fiber grating, shield supervision platform.

At present, the technology center has been certified by "Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center" and is currently applying for a national technology center. Ranken lays emphasis on implementation of scientific and innovative skills in management and construction.

Independent R&D green operation equipments, PDA site management system, robot auto-monitor pre-warning system, automatic stress monitoring and warning system, information platform for safety risk supervision and management, which guaranteed the construction site management and safety quality control of underground space, and greatly improved safety standard, preparation on site, enhanced react ability and rescue efficiency for emergencies. That is how we become the standard bearer.

Ranken regards environment protection, work safety and labor rights as a part of responsibility. It took Ranken 10 years to R&D energy-saving equipments and underground space work safety system, which helped reducing dust, exhausted gas and unwanted noise, fueling mechanization, and progress was made in industry.

As a caring employer, Ranken is committed to fulfill satisfaction of communities, employees, clients. Ranken is striving to be an international EPC enterprise with fast growth, high potential, also playing an important role in domestic market. Ranken is trying to build a free, lenient and strict working environment, creating a positive talent pool with integrity.

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