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A New Chapter in Ranken-Bangladeshi Friendship
Main Structure Closed at N8 Project in Bangladesh
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As the last pouring of concrete into formworks on June 29th local time, it marks the successful closure of main structure of No.1 Bridge and No.2 Bridge in Package 8 of N8 Upgrading Project in Bangladesh.

N8 serves the national main trunk connecting Capital Dhaka and Khulna, the 3rd largest city in the country. Ranken has been in joint venture with local partner MAX to upgrade the original dual lane into 4-lane highway since 2017. The mutual efforts and faithful cooperation between Ranken and local partner are what underlie the successful completion of the project.

N8 marks the 6th projects Ranken ever completed in Bangladesh. “Bangladeshi needs more cooperation with Chinese partner like Ranken!” Bangladeshi Prime Minister Madame Sheikh Hasina pointed out when she visited the construction site of Ranken’s Elevated Expressway in Chittagong. The successful completion of N8 is another strong response to Madame Sheikh Hasina and unveils a new chapter for the friendship between Bangladeshi and Ranken.

Erection of the last T-girder

Main Structure Closure on June 29

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