1. Subway

Subway is the core business of Ranken. Since 2002, Ranken has been a part in construction of various projects in Beijing, Xi’an, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing, Urumqi, Guiyang, Taiyuan, Nanning, etc. The project pass rate reached 100%, and excellent rate was 95%. Ranken has accumulated rich experiences and summarized several methods of construction in unfavorable geological areas, such as:
1)Advanced grouting to fine sand layer, round gravel, yellow soil layer, overcame deep hole grouting without precipitation.
2)Technology of retrograde style double pipe, sleeve valve pipe, advancing grouting and blocking water.
3)Single or composited construction methods of large section, large-span underground space, and CD, CRD, PBA, both side drift methods of subway station construction.
4)Construction of underground, bridges, railways, river channels and buildings, and controlling subsidence effectively.
5)Single-process and fast operation of large–span or one or more arched tunnels.
6)Cut and cover method in deformed, large and deep foundation pit and gravel layer with water.
7)Deep foundation pit pile supporting system and pile-anchor system with the principle of time-space effect and quantitative construction.

2. Expressway

Since participated in construction of Mianyang-Guangdong expressway in 1999, Ranken has successively participated in construction of 16 expressways in south-west and Huabei district, and municipal roads and bridges in cities such as Beijing, Chengdu and Qingdao. Enriched experiences of high slope rock blasting, soft soil sub-grade treatment, large-scale earthwork construction, high filling construction and ancient landslide comprehensive treatment. Mastered construction of pre-stressed continuous beam super large bridge, large span stone arch bridge, high pier cantilever bridge. Bearing gas, gushing water, rock burst, fault, weak surrounding rock, applied mine method, New Austrian Tunneling method, shallow buried method and other mountainous tunnel methods.

3、Water Environmental Project

In recent years, Ranken constructed many city water environmental and landscape projects involved city water environmental treatment, sponge city, utility tunnel, urban culture landscape, urban road and landscape, hydraulic, etc., including Dragon Shaped Water Systems Project in Beijing Olympic Center, Funan River Comprehensive Treatment Project in Chengdu, Dian Lake Comprehensive Treatment and landscape Project in Kunming, Beijing Olympic Park Central Corridor Pavement Project, Beijing Olympic Park Southern District Underground Utility Tunnel Project, Beijing Olympic Park Southern District Landscape Platform Project, Jiuyan Bridge Reconstruction Project in Chengdu, Zagunao Hydropower Station Diversion Tunnel Project in Sichuan, Emergency Water Supply Buried Culvert of Middle South-to-North Water Diversion, Emergency Water Supply Pipe Network of South-to-North Water Diversion in Fangshan District, etc..

4. Municipal Works

Ranken received China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award in 2011. It was the 12th year for Ranken contracting civil engineering, including road and bridge construction, bedrock, civil pipelines, gardening, plaza decorating. In recent years, Ranken has built more than 30 bridges, including large interchanges, separated overpasses, urban main road viaducts, steel box bridges and stone arch bridges.

5. Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport's T3 Terminal Auxiliary Construction Project and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Expansion Project are among the more representative projects of airport construction attended by Ranken in recent years.

6. Railway

Ranken has committed to railway construction for 14 years, built Dazhou-Wanzhou Railway, Inner Mongolia-Kunming Railway, Zhuzhou-Liu Panshui Railway, Tibet-Hefei Railway, Handan-Huang Huagang Railway, North Station of Qingdao Railway, Kunming Railway Hubs. Ranken’s railway business encompasses new railway line and existing lines, projects including very long length tunnels, extra-large bridges, and large-scale earthworks, Ranken is skilled in comprehensive railway construction.

7. Industrial and Civil Buildings

We have contracted several different types of industrial and civil building works, for instance, apartments, office buildings, warehouses, concrete plants, earthwork and decoration works. Skilled in building structures of frame, brick-concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, large-span trussed beam, and multiple housing foundations, and civil works construction.

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